Tuesday, 23 August 2011

AC Club day 21st August 2011

Nice to see so many of the cars turned out for their big event
Big UP to hoRrid for laying on the BBQ
(special thanks to his good lady wife for putting it together for him)

Really beautiful attention to detail and style

Fantastic temperature gauge that was on the radiator 

Thanks to everyone for a great day out

Sri Lankan curry night 19th August 2011

A great big THANK YOU
to H,O & F
for putting on the best curry ever!!!

Extra special thanks to H - you're a star

Can't talk - eating

Ready for my close up Mr de Mill

Thanks to everyone for a great night out

Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2011

Saturday 13th August Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2011

Think this explains the one that came down

 Who would have believed there would be so MANY!!

Not to be left out...little blue balloon


Going out on a high note

Thanks to all for a great day out

Bluebell Railway 31st July 2011

Our Bluebell railway journey started as always from the Marquis
a fairly easy drive down until we hit the M23 and got log jammed!
The Ciccia also wasn't too impressed with the hill climbs -
word to the wise don't get too close...

But we finally made it!

and had a delicious lunch in the blistering heat

with some unexpected guests

and a step back in time

A MASSIVE Thank you to CB for organising the day

AB suprised us all with her walking style

Ending the day with a cooling beverage

Thanks to everyone for a great day out